The Popularity of Online Slots Today

Your neighbour is doing it. The guy in the office across from you at work is doing it…and apparently your mother-in-law is doing it too! Up until now, you may not have given it much thought, in fact you may possibly have never even pictured yourself trying it out, but the more you hear about it, the more you’re told about how much fun it is and that it can be financially rewarding – not to mention how relaxing it is – the more you’re beginning to consider trying it out in order to see what all the fuss is about. I’m talking about online slots. And yes, what is all the fuss about? Let’s take a look further into this pastime and find out a little more.

It is a well-known fact that if you put in the hours to master poker, craps or blackjack, the odds of you beating the house are higher than that of online slots. Games of skill allow you to use strategy to your advantage and up the odds of winning. Slots on the other hand don’t employ strategy – and the payout rates are often lower than that of the aforementioned games. So where is the rational thought and why do people remain so loyal when there are other more lucrative options available?


When numerous devoted slots players were asked the reason for their choice, the answer was almost unanimous: enjoyment. Some added that it was relaxing and helped them unwind after a long day at work; that slots helped them escape the monotony of life for an hour or two; that the excitement of playing slots livened things up when they were stuck in the clasp of the daily grind. Others said that the music and graphics brought about a lightness of being and that they accessed their ‘fun side’ every time they logged in. Did they find slots addictive? Not really, liberating instead.

Slots are all about the experience – a liberating experience devoid of complex thought, planning and rules. They provide an opportunity to switch off from worries and figuratively reboot the brain. With so many opportunities to win bonuses and little jackpots along the way, the pleasure-seeking and reward centres of the brain light up in delight and flood our bodies with feel-good hormones.

However, even though we aren’t strategizing and sitting in front of an actual slot machine or holding a hand of cards, simply clicking on a button allows us to feel like we’re in control. It differs from taking a lottery ticket and patiently waiting to hear the outcome. We have far more of a hand in fate than we would with a lucky number draw.

Beautiful, dynamic graphics and a large variety of well thought out themes are also factors which contribute to the entertainment factor. With so many positive factors it is easy to understand why online slots have become so popular and why players login time and time again to virtually spin the reels.