ClickandBuy – a favorite among Canadian players

This company was originally founded in Germany in 2000. ClickandBuy now process transactions all over the world. Due to an association with more than 16,000 merchants

It is very well known “friendly for the consumer.” That’s because it not only easy and free to create an account, it also provides a way for you, all your purchases to make without showing any financial information to the dealer. This is especially important for people who play in online casinos.

ClickandBuy allows you to open an account in different ways. You have the ability to be charged to your bank account for funding, with the consideration of transactions, or you may have performed these purchases by credit card.

More information and details about ClickandBuy

Note that if you refer to a debit, you authorize ClickandBuy to take money directly from your bank account while the credit card option is pretty self-explanatory. They also have a third option – the financing of the account itself, although it is information about a bank account on file. .

You can find this selection in a drop-down box to get, and you can choose from one of them. Actually, you can have more than one payment option to call, while the name of one of them as your “primary” option. You can also register more than one credit card with you.

It is important, obviously, that what you have chosen, procedures adequately funded to withstand a transaction, since fees are assessed for failed payments.

You can do this relatively easy to finance, if you arrive at an online casino where you want to open an account. They will usually go to “Cashier” or “Payment methods” and find ClickandBuy. Click on that, and then it will be to your account using the method which have nominated you, write money. It’s very simple.

A very nice thing about ClickandBuy, which is not present in many other funding opportunities for online casino games is that you can also by means they also get. Payments work like this: the casino, be a bank transfer, go to the bank account that you have identified in your original account profile run. As long as the account “verified” in status, you are good to go. Please note that payouts are not immediate; it takes about 3-5 business days to fully go through.

You can free to write with ClickandBuy, but there might be some charges are generated along the way. For example you will be charged 2.75%, in the manner of a “processing fee” when it comes to payouts. When you fund your account through your credit card, you will receive incur a 3.9% fee, but you will not be charged simply with the card for your purchases.

ClickandBuy offers where customers place their own limits on spending so-called “shopping bag”. Maybe this is something that practically with those participating in online casino games all about?

ClickandBuy is for German customers; for players from the United States, it is a bit of a different story. Although a U.S. citizen can register as a regular customer to the service, gambling-related transactions are not allowed because they are blocked.